Money back guarantee

We guarantee refund in the following cases:

— Before you confirm the previewed version of the essay;

— After you confirm the assignment.

Take into consideration the fact that if you live on the territory of EU and paid VAT it is not refundable. We repay only the price setting of the essay.

Before you select the “Approve” button:

You are eligible for 100 per cent redeem if:

You double pay the assignment;

— We could not allocate the appropriate expert;

— The time limit has passed and a client did not receive the assignment or a customer does not need it anymore.

You can ask for 90 per cent repay if more than half of the time has passed and we could not find the author for you. In this case we will cover your payment transaction in 90%.

You can ask for 70 per cent repay in case when the writer has begun to research for your assignment and half of the deadline has passed.

You can ask for the half of the refund if we allocated the expert and more than midpoint of the time has passed or if we were not able to find an author for revision. If the writer missed the deadline we recalculate the difference between the deadline and the actual time of delivery.

You have only seven days to approve the paper, if you fail to approve the paper for some reason it is approved automatically.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the essay you can ask for free revision or request other writer to be assigned to your paper. Simply contact the Support Representative to send your assignment for the Dispute Department.

To set your order for dispute you have to provide solid arguments to and/or examples to support your claim. It can expend time in communicating with the writer and receiving additional information from you.

We review each case individually and calculate the percentage of repay for each certain case independently.

If you fail to provide necessary information within a fortnight the refund will be canceled. The dispute will be considered within 14 days of the order being marked as due to dispute and will be annulled after the end of the period.

After approving case: As soon as you pressed “Approve” button you give your consent that you are satisfied with the quality of the essay and are not eligible for refund.

You have only seven days to request for revision. To do that you have to contact the Support Assistant and clear out the situation.

Please note that you have to check the content of the previewed version for consistency and satisfaction of quality before you approve the order. Contact Support Agent if you cannot view the preview version.

Be aware that you cannot use materials of previewed version until you approve it. We own all materials and papers sent to you and you cannot publish them without the written consent of the Company. We do not keep in store essays and do not publish delivered papers online. We can upload papers that were not accepted by customers to protect the writers’ work.

The Company does not take responsibility for poor grades and other outcomes that may take a negative effect on your education.